Therapy for Moms


It all started when... I became a mom.


   I have found in my own journey as a mother, the most healing, supportive relationships come from being with other mothers who share their experience, who listen non-judgmentally, who normalize what I am experiencing and who offer their compassion for all that we hold as Moms.

  As a therapist, I hope to support mothers from a place of deep compassion and shared wisdom. My goal is to nurture the wisdom within you while listening to your story and helping to reflect the innate Wise Mother that I believe exists within all of us. I also stay grounded in my training as a psychotherapist and offer therapeutic skills that can be helpful :)

  I welcome and support mothers and mothers-to-be dealing with the following issues;

  • fertility
  • conception
  • miscarriage
  • pregnancy
  • post-partum transitions and mood
  • traumatic birth experiences
  • pre and post-natal body image issues
  • returning to work and working Moms
  • marriage after baby
  • parenting children of all ages
  • how to regulate our own emotions and teach our children emotional intelligence
  • self-care


  I offer a 20% discount to Livermore Moms Club members and First Responder (Police, Firefighter, Paramedic, EMT) Families.

  I offer free 20 minute phone consultations to discuss your needs and answer questions you may have about therapy. To get started click the link below to email me. I look forward to connecting.

Kaitlin Geenen, MFT