Therapy for Moms


Lets be real..

You are tired. Probably exhausted.

Motherhood is so much more than the moments of joy and gratitude for our children.

Its painful, exhausting and pushes you to your limit.

I get it.

You want a place where you can drop in and hear yourself think.

As your therapist I hope to support you from a place of deep compassion and shared wisdom. My goal is to listen and reflect the wisdom within you that is unique to your story, your life.

I’m a Mom and I’ve been in the trenches, but I also stay grounded in my training as a psychotherapist. I offer therapeutic skills that can be helpful for dealing with intense emotions or moods, communicating with others, setting boundaries and getting to be present with our kids :)

  I welcome and support mothers and mothers-to-be experiencing any of the following;

  • fertility

  • conception

  • miscarriage

  • pregnancy

  • anxiety and depression

  • traumatic birth experiences

  • pre and post-natal body image issues

  • returning to work and working Moms

  • your partner relationship after baby

  • parenting children of all ages

  • regulating our own emotions and teaching our children emotional intelligence

  • finding room for self-care (like taking a shower)

  I offer free 20 minute phone consultations to discuss your needs and answer questions you may have about therapy. To get started click the link below to email me. I look forward to connecting.

Kaitlin Geenen, MFT