Therapist specializing in therapy for eating disorders in her private practice in Livermore.

Holistic Therapy for Eating Disorders

  I chose to specialize in therapy for eating disorders because I believe we each have a journey to travel and a purpose to serve in life.  Next to my family, what gives my life purpose is helping others through something I too struggled with.  I feel passionate about sharing the hope and the light of recovery. I find this work to be challenging in a way that helps me to continue growing as a human being and more than that it is work I enjoy. I am careful and conscious about the difference between my path and what is appropriate and desired for my clients. My experience provides a basis for compassion, understanding and interest in this work but I acknowledge that each persons path of healing is unique.

I offer a few evidence-based therapies as a menu of resources to help my clients; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy(DBT) and Psychodynamic Therapy.  I use CBT and DBT for two reasons;

1.) Both approaches are heavily researched and proven to work with eating disorder behaviors and

2.) Clients respond to them and report finding them helpful to meet their recovery goals.

Psychodynamic therapy is helpful for increasing clients insight into how they relate to others, which helps to create lasting change so they do not go back to old patterns or switch to other problem behaviors.

 My professional training in the field of eating disorders includes internships and staff positions at the acute inpatient/hospital level, residential treatment level and partial-hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) level.  I currently focus on private practice work with individuals using group therapy and individual therapy focused on the treatment of their eating disorder.

Parent Education and Parent of ED Sufferer Therapy

I offer Parent Education and consultation for families of individuals struggling with eating disorders who are looking for support. I enjoy working with parents to support their own emotions around their child or partners eating disorder recovery. I also do brief work to help coach parents on how to support their child through recovery and to understand eating disorders and the needs of those in recovery better.