Eating Disorder Support Groups and Resources

The following is a list of Bay Area Support Groups and Resources for those in recovery from an eating disorder and their support people.

Recommending Reading


For Clients

Eating is the Light of the Moon - Anita Johnston

Life Without ED - Jenni Schaefer

Intuitive Eating - Evelyn Tribole, & Elyse Resch

Secrets from the Eating Lab - Traci Mann, PhD

For Family

Secrets to Feeding a Healthy Family - Ellyn Satter M.S. R.D. L.C.S.W. B.C.D .


Support Groups


Eating Disorder Recovery Support Groups

The Lotus Collaborative in San Francisco, Sundays at 1pm. For more info click here.

Support Groups for Family/Friends of those with an Eating Disorder

Lotus Collaborative, Sundays 1pm. For more info click here.

Eating Disorder Resource Center, El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, Second and Fourth Saturday of the month, 930am. For more info click here.

Websites, Podcasts, Apps



National Association of Eating Disorders (NEDA) - blogs, support groups, info for family on eating disorders, ED awareness events. Click here.


Dieticians Unplugged Click here

Mindfulness Talks and Meditations - Tara Brach - click here.

10% Happier with Dan Harris - interviews with people who meditate as well as free meditations. Click here.


Headspace - Meditation app. Click here.

Recovery Record - Eating Disorder recovery app with tools, reminders, place to journal feelings and connect with others as well as your therapist (Me). Click here.

Eat Right Now - Research-based, mindful eating practices. Click here.